20/20 vision is here mate, and there's no going back to how things were before. We've hit a new massive level of awareness as a collective and life as we once knew (even in 2019) no longer exists. The new normal is here, G.

We know too much, and we now need to embody and deal with the truths about our reality that are coming into play. No matter how tough it might be to face, know this: the ugly is a redirect to a better way, and let the good be the fuel that keeps you going.


Leveling up is on the agenda, and no matter who you are - you're gonna have to step up in how you show up in the world. There's no escaping it in this Millenium... both personally and in business.

Here's why...

We've recently shifted from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Right now we're experiencing the purging of old perceptions of reality and ways of beings that no longer fit with whom we've consciously become as a an aware, educated, and highly connected society. 


Gone are the days of pre-Y2K, and I think maybe of us are coming with the terms


what you're seeing in your own life and on the world stage is the breakdown of the old Pisces paradigm. 

Dec 21, 2012 marked the end of the Piscean Age and the years 

This new energy is all about integrity with yourself, the world, and everything in between. If that's not how your life or business is aligned right now, then be ready to feel the push to transform that much harder this year, and being really smart about your moves will be crucial going forward. 

Whether you're a complete newbie to entrepreneurship, already have your side hustle, or are ready to plan for your full-time corporate escape - I've got you. ;) Your time to #SHIFT has come, G. Luckily for you, I've gone through a lot of the hard knocks in this process so you don't have to.


I know what it feels like to jump ships from corporate employee >> to hobby-entrepreneur >> to being your own full-fledge #boss... The process itself can be challenging + scary AF! On the positive side, the growth that comes out of it will be worth every ounce of sweat, tears, and time. This I promise you!

The truth is always on the other side of fear. All you have to do is choose to step through it and you'll come to understand this for yourself.

Why? 1) Because the world needs you to birth your potential and 2) it's your divine birthright. How you choose to show up everyday is everything, and don't waste another moment not being conscious of that. Every seed you plant today grows into something eventually... that's how fractal time works, baby!

You matter and there's a reason you're being called to play bigger. It's time to embody that revelation, G. Whatever your mission -- learn what you need to do to be confidently successful at it, master it, and own the f*ck out of it.

Reinvention is the new game and there's no going back to so-called "normal". We know too much and the polarity we've come to know is too drastic. Innovative growth is now our only path to bringing sustainable harmony back to modern-day reality, so we may as well go ALL IN. It's time for that big change and you know it.

Whether you are curious about entrepreneurship, just getting started or require help on your wavering startup journey, here's what I can offer you mentorship on:

  • vision design & business strategy development

  • branding & marketing your business

  • how to increase your social reach organically, online and in-person

  • social media setup and developing an authentic online presence

  • choosing the best online platform for your online or hybrid business  (i.e. Wix, Click Funnel, Wordpress, Shopify, Etsy, Kajabi, Amazon, etc)

  • intellectual-property rights and trademarking in Canada

  • understanding professional liability & the importance of cybersecurity

  • listing products onto your online store and PayPal setup

  • commercial product presentation, vendor setup and product listings for large Canadian Retailers 

  • startup grant applications and business plan writing 

  • balancing your work<>life<>self-care schedule in a beneficial and constructive way to help you design a high-performance lifestyle

  • best focus and remote work practices for optimal creative output

  • how-to cope with the opinions and stress of the naysayers and non-supporting family members

1on1 sessions will be held via FB Chat, Whatsapp, or Zoom Meeting. Each individual session will be approx. 1.5 hours in length and a summary of our call will be emailed to you after each meeting.

This particular mentorship program has been designed to meet you exactly where you're at. So don't worry about what you do and don't bring to the table. You're welcomed as is, no matter your field.

Are you ready to step deeper into your creatorship? I hope that's a big roaring heck yeah, G -- because YOU ARE more than ready! ;) Xx

Please complete the application form to secure your booking. My assistant will be in touch with you shortly to complete your registration.



$111 CAD

per session



$333 CAD

for 4 sessions

Please noteI am only interested in investing my time in people who are ready, willing and able to create intentional change in their lives.


If you're still toe-dipping, please don't apply. Serious applications only.

Payments can be made via Canadian 

e-Transfer Systems or PayPal.

If you have questions in regards to the above offerings or would like more information, please get in touch!

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