About Rachel Llewellyn

From a young age, Rachel loved to draw – specifically people. She never would have imagined becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. Looking for a rewarding career she came to realize her love for the body was not just on paper. Massage is her art form. When she discovered massage, she naturally combined her creativity and love of using her hands - to connect with people.


She completed her training and graduated from Sutherland-Chan School And Teaching Clinics in Toronto, Ontario in 2011. The program had a very clinical focus. She trained at the Sunnybrook Hospital in the High-Risk Obstetrics Unit; worked with cancer patients at Princess Margaret Lodge; and treated spinal cord injuries at Lyndhurst Hospital-Spinal Cord Centers. She is also a certified Doula/ Labour Support and I completed her Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST) training. She also took electives that included Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment (NISA) and courses with prenatal focus.


With this training, she refined her touch skills and mastered being able to ‘read’ the body's tissue. Through the years, she saw first hand how the body can adapt. Although clinically trained, she could not ignore the energetic component of her work. She began studying more about energy work and how we ‘store’ energy in our bodies. Working with people recovering from surgery; women in labour; to people who are immobile; she has a wide variety of experience with all kinds of postural adaptations. She combines massage skills with, FST and energy work when treating clients.


She welcomes true connection with people. She wants to understand them at a fundamental level. Her passion for working with people has guided her to a new chapter in her life.


She sold her practice and moved to Nicaragua, Central America and is currently living full time. She has worked very hard to pursue a life driven by passion. She and her husband started a business and have been running Salt Escapes Nicaragua (www.saltescapesnicaragua.com) for 3 years now. Managing beachfront vacation homes, a beach restaurant and facilitating wellness retreats. They offer their guests deep restorative vacations. Rachel’s skill is to connect people back to their bodies & mind. She has been able to take this from her practice and infuse this into her tourism-based business.

Her next project is to open a health center, making health care more accessible, in her remote community called Salinas Grandes.

Rachel has an intuitive touch & ability to open people up through movement. When she is treating clients, her goal is to help facilitate the healing process for her clients & bring balance back to their body. By targeting the connective tissue through mobilization, she brings the pain bodies to the surface that are often stored in the physical body, affecting the ability to move through them so they can heal. Her goal is to connect people to that thought process, bring awareness to the connection between the mental & physical body, help them move through it so they can release physical and emotional pain. When the two bodies sync up, true, sustainable change can happen = healing.

During the retreat, she will lead 3 sessions. Her workshops will not teach you magic or anything you don’t ALREADY know. Instead, she will CONNECT you back to your core: physically and energetically. She will discuss ways of listening to the body and understanding the physical responses or sensations that often present in the body and guide you through self-care techniques on how to support your needs.

The education she will share embodies her experiences through her 8 years as a movement therapist offering tools to align the body.

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