Can't make it to one of my live trainings? No worries, G. Holistic transformation is now available at your finger tips.


My group coaching programs have been designed to offer you all the knowledge, tools and wisdom that you'll need to creatively upgrade your life through self-responsibility.

All mentorships and masterclasses are spread out over the span of a few months to help you learn the process of intentional transformation, integrate the knowledge, ask all the questions you need and get support from your very own cheer squad.

Let's tap into dat badassery, shall we?

Summer 2020

Do you feel stuck in a body that you hardly recognize? Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Are you ready to learn how to really care for your body and heal - mind.body.soul? This is the Holistic Embodiment 101 masterclass we never got as kids. Your #Rebirth is here, G. Xx Embrace it! 

Fall 2020

Are you ready to quit the 9-5 and step into your creative potential as an entrepreneur? This 3 month program is designed to teach the wannabes how-to prepare a solid foundation for their online business, make their corporate escape, and tap into the path of embodied and aligned success!

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