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So entrepreneurship might not be your thing or you're not quite ready for full-time yet. That's cool too. ;)


The business world as we know it is changing drastically and that's a whole other curveball this generation will need to quickly adapt to. Kudos to you for taking on that challenge, it's not a journey for the faint-hearted. I know the dog-eat-dog kinda world the corporate environment can be, and I predict the hiring competition is bound to get tougher as we muster through the greatest trials and tribulations our global economy has ever seen.

More than ever, transferable skills are necessary. Traditional jobs and industries that currently exist are changing (or completely disappearing), which means you as a hireable person need to stay fresh and #onpoint with your pro game.

That being said, it's important to always be a step ahead by continuously improving your skillset, updating your tech-savviness, and keeping your resume polished so you always stand out to potential employers. 

Lucky for you, resume writing a big professional talent of mine, and so is acing interviews! ;) I've got a lot of experience on both the interviewee and interviewer end, so during our time together expect me to come at you from both perspectives.

I can work with you in one of four ways. Here's how:

1) I can review your current resume, give you pointers on how to update it based on what kind of role you're going for, and I'll share with you my secrets on how to make it look pro on your own, cover letter, and all. 

2) I can teach you about interview prep, how to present yourself (i.e. professional etiquette), and the basics on how to nail an interview from the moment you send in your application.

3) I can help you set up / update your LinkedIn account so your online resume stands out to online recruiters and professional networks in your industry.

4) Along with everything listed above, I'll review, correct, and help you produce the final copy of your resume on, with a cool design, completely tailored to you, your vibe, and your mission in the world. You will have access to this file for life via your own free account.

1on1 sessions will be held via FB Chat, Whatsapp, or Zoom Meeting. Each individual session will be approx. 1.5 hours in length and a summary of our call will be emailed to you after each meeting.

You can purchase a 1x sesh as needed or all 4 sessions at a discounted rate.​


Are you ready to UPGRADE your professional game? I hope that's a big roaring heck yeah, G -- because YOU ARE more than ready! ;) Xx

Please complete the application form to secure your booking. My assistant will be in touch with you shortly to complete your registration.



$111 CAD

per session



$333 CAD

for 4 sessions

Please noteI am only interested in investing my time in people who are ready, willing and able to create intentional change in their lives.


If you're still toe-dipping, please don't apply. Serious applications only.

Payments can be made via Canadian 

e-Transfer Systems or PayPal.

If you have questions in regards to the above offerings or would like more information, please get in touch!

For business, collaborations and PR inquiries please email

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