Do you ever look around and wonder WTF? You no longer need to wait for a mid-life crisis to realize that society has become misshapen.

Learn how to reconnect with yourself and rediscover your natural way of being. Nothing is to taboo on Refined Reality, a bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by a tribe, for a tribe. Join the crew as they dive into topics related to holistic transformation, financial well-being, entrepreneurship, career development, creative expression, intentional healing, + travel -- with a hyperfocus on deconstructing current frameworks of reality to better fit current times.
Together, this crew challenges a multitude of diverse topics encapsulating the human experience as of 2020. After all, you cannot unf*ck yourself without stepping on a few socio-economic norms.


20/20 vision is here, G. ;)


We've been picked up by Mile Hi Radio! Listen to us every Saturday at 12 PM !

Can't wait to digitally vibe. Xx

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